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Namaste and a very happy 2014 to all

namasteFirst of all a great big thank you to everyone for your support in 2013 – what an amazing year. I had the great pleasure of recording my new album In Her Name, and make 1000 pre-release copies. Those of you who contributed to the fundraising campaign will have received one either in the form of CD or mp3. I am still in negotiations about the official release, but so far it looks like the street date will be some time in June. I will send out a newsletter with details as soon as I know. I feel so blessed to have had so much support from you, also those of you who came along to concerts and shared the magic of your hearts, thank you. It was beautiful to meet you all over the world from Australia to Amsterdam, Spain to Sweden and quite a lot of places in between.

This year I hope to see as many of you as possible again. Dates and and venues for concerts will follow very soon. Please check back in soon or, for a more dynamic and day to day contact, join me on my Face Book page

Blessed be,

End of 2012 greetings!

Namaste everyone and thanks for stopping by.

2012 has been a fantastic year with lots of concerts and festivals from Birmingham to Belgium, from Sussex to Stockholm and from Milan to Manchester – and quite a lot of places in between. It has been such a privilege to meet so many beautiful and open hearts along the way.

In 2012 we also raised money for the costs of recording my new album. It has been amazing to feel the love, support and generosity from so many people around the world. I am so grateful, thank you. The first week of December I was in the studio with Praful to start the new project, and we did some great work already. We will be working on the project over the course of the winter and spring and in the summer I should be able to present you with a new album. For all of you who contributed to the fundraising, there will be a pre-release on its way as soon as the music is ready.

To start off 2013, I will be in Australia playing a few concert on the East coast with my dear friend Darpan, who is a beautiful musician and a sound shaman. I hope to have details of times and venues up very soon.

The Face Book page is still going, and is a more dynamic way to stay connected and up to date with what I am up to.So if you are on Face Book feel free to stop by and “like” the page and invite your friends to like it too.

I will try to update this site regularly with news about recordings, new photos and maybe even some video footage – but Life seems to be so full of other things to do than being on the computer, so please be patient.

I hope we’ll see you back here often.


Blessed be,