Planet Love

“.. Gorgeous chant-style vocals … the album has a very relaxed pace and the appeal of Sudha’s voice never diminishes.” – Music Design In ReView

“Don’t miss this album of sacred chants! Sudha’s voice – the innocent sound of pure love – and Maneesh’s beautiful arrangements will soothe your soul and caress your spirit”. -Deva Premal

“Sudha, a Danish singer and dancer, has arrived on the New Age scene with an exceptional debut, Planet Love. Drawing from American Indian, native Hawaiian, and Muslim spiritual traditions, Sudha sings about connection with nature, God, and humankind in different languages. Her voice, unforced and pure, is a pleasure to hear in its layered harmonies, and her tone relays an inherent sense of peace. Backed by producer and primary musician Maneesh de Moor, Sudha helps listeners reconnect with innocence and faith”. – New Age Retailer Magazine

“With the current popularity of mantra and chant albums producing a vast array of CDs to choose from, this recording, which focuses on chants from Hawaii to Native America and the Far East, stands out particularly. Sudha, a singer and dancer from Denmark, has an angelic voice and together with musician Maneesh de Moor, who lives in Amsterdam and specialises in mixing organic and electronic sounds, has produced a soulful and relaxing debut release”. – Kindred Spirit Website, UK

Hope you and Sudha are well. I finally got a chance to listen to the CD again. The first song is so beautiful! I listen to it again and again, because I love it so much…All Love, Krishna Das

I bought one (Planet Love) at the ‘Women’s festival’ at the Mirror center a couple of months ago and listen to it EVERY night when i go to sleep (I’m not exaggerating), Tanya Sheikh, Amsterdam – Netherlands

Dear Sudha, I first heard your music being played by my massage therapist. She was playing your “Planet Love” CD. I was so enraptured with your sacred voice and the sheer beauty that your music evokes, I had to go out and buy your CD directly after my massage session. The first time I played your CD at home, my five year old daughter was with me. She was instantly drawn to your sound, so much so, in fact, that I had to give the CD to her (but not before I ripped the songs to my iPod). Your music and your voice have a way of instantly making me smile. Your voice transports me inward, closer to myself. Thank-you so much for sharing your sacred voice with us. Namaste,Kimberly, Ontario – Canada (Canadian Forces Air Force Officer)

Hi Sudha and Maneesh. I am sitting here listening to your CD “planet love” for the nth time and feeling what beautiful music you both make together. And Sudha, your voice is
angelic in its radiance. I play your music for my daughter Angelica often as away of reaffirming the beauty in our world. She loves it too. Thank you,Phil, San Anselmo

Dear Sudha. I love your music! I contacted Malimba to find out when your next release would be out. I am a reader, teacher, healer and enjoy sharing your LOVE with everyone. You are so very talented and thank you so much for opening up your heart to the Planet!!!!!!! You are so pretty and so open. Can’t wait to hear what you’ve written next. Blessings of Love & Light to you,Kaira Sherman

Namaste, I just wanted to send you a few quick lines to let you know – Sudha “planet love” is the most beautiful cd i have ever heard!… I am a healer and i use lot’s of music in my energy work – but this is artist is truly a natural healer of the inner soul… thank you for sharing your beauty with humanity… abundant blessings always,Asita Persaud,

Thank you sooooo much for giving ‘Planet Love’ a space in the world. I have tons of music for yoga. I look for music that is gentle and powerful to move the soul and expand the spirit. ‘Undea hibi’ is my favorite … I have it on automatic loop … I let the sounds wash over my home to bless my space. Dev Atma, San Jose, CA
I had the pleasure to see Sudha and Maneesh de Moor perform live at Angsbacka in Sweden after which I bought this album. Nine of the ten tracks have been on constant loop on my iPod ever since (I skip Undea Hibi). Sudhas voice simply and gently goes directly to the heart and calms the soul. A year and a half after buying this album (now 11/28/06) I still wake up to it each morning, go to sleep with it and work with it … I have even introduced it to several massage therapists… now thats my idea of heaven!David G. Matthews -San Francisco, CA USA