“Sudha’s voice is soft and pure with a touch of innocence, which pairs well with Maneesh de Moor’s Asian-inspired backdrops of keyboards and light percussion.The music is gentle and introspective, offering a deep, resonant atmosphere for peaceful contemplation and healing work.” – Music Design In ReView

“The photo of singer Sudha on the front cover is indicative of the tone and quality of this release: pure, simple, and fresh-faced. Her voice is a clear instrument of gratitude and devotion. An excellent CD for meditation, for creating art, for mindful stretching and yoga”. – New Age Retailer

“Simply beautiful. What more is there to say? The combination of sound and style in this album bring the listener to a place of realization without needing the postures. Absolutely lovely”. – Prana Yoga and Zen Centre.

“LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this CD. The most beautiful rendition of the Twameva I have ever heard. This is one of my new favorite discs to play for the entire class”. – Shanti Yoga Center

“A lovely recording lovingly presented. It’s gorgeous in its simplicity. Absent arbitrary instrumental noodlings and extraneous vocalizing, Sharanam shines with integrity and understated power. Om Bhagavan is a marvel of serenity without becoming saccharine. Some of my students commented on this track specifically in a very positive light. It was used during Savasana”. – Yoga and Friends

“Maneesh de Moor has the golden touch and Sudha voice is amazing. Great for a yoga class or personal meditation”. – Butterfly Yoga

“Excellent! Also very nice backdrop to spiritually attuning in classes – at beginning and end of class and for Savasana, too”. – Center for NIA and Yoga

“This has been fantastic! My students have enjoyed it immensely. I use it in Savasana as well as the whole class”. – Grace Yoga Center

“Sudha has a lovely, young, soulful voice. Nice opening pace and background music. Appreciate that inside cover has chants with translations. I gave meaning in class so the students could understand the chant. Loved Track #4”. – Inspired Yoga

Dear Sudha and Maneesh, thank you…the CD arrived 2 days ago. The chant is as powerful as ever and when we listen to it it transports us back to GC instantly.Gerald and Sabine, Melbourne – Australia

Dear Sudha & Maneesh, The CDs arrived a week ago and I’ve been listening to your music since. The music is such a blessing to listen to. It’s absolutely wonderful. I wish that the selections were longer. Fortunately, I can put them on replay and have them repeat to my heart’s content. Sudha, your voice is magnificent. Not only is your voice beautiful, but it’s soothing as well. Maneesh, I loved the use of the different instruments – they added a lot to each song, enhancing and deepening my experience. I am very much affected by music. I love it. I wish I was a musician because it touches me so deeply. But that’s not where my talents are. I appreciate both of your artistry. It is such a joy to listen to your music. Thank you. Peace & blessings,Zane, Sedona – Arizona

Dear Sudha and Maneesh. I got the CD yesterday and we do enjoy your music so much. Sitting here on our big veranda looking out over the large lake Vättern and listen to your music. Can it be better! Today we will have a deeksha evening here and use your other CD with the Moolamantra on. It is so beautiful. First time I heard you singing the song about Bhagavan was in Golden City when we all were sitting in front of him in Analoka 3. That moment remain deep in my heart. The deeksha conference in Stockholm was fantastic even for an assistent. In the end Anandagiri gave our small assistent group some time in a very loving atmospher. Keep singing Sudha and Maneesh. You are so beautiful and your music is so nice to listen to. It touch very deeply and help us all in this amazing process. Hope to see you soon again. LoveUlf, Sweden

Dearest Sudha and Maneesh. Always wonderful to hear from you and all your wonderful ventures. We very much enjoy listening and playing your Moola Mantra in our Deeksha events, surely celestial… Sending you many blessings from ShangrilaNura and Rahasya, Byron Bay – Australia

I’m a Oneness Deeksha facilitator in the US. Your CD Moola Mantra is the highest vibrational match to the Oneness Deeksha Blessing that I have heard up to now. The energy flows very deep and strong when I play the CD. And when you sing it is like a love song. Thank You for your beautiful talents of music and love for the Divine. We are All One,MeriAnanda, White Salmon, Washington

Hi Sudha, John Dahlsen (Pathen) here from Byron Bay Australia. I love your work, especially these 2 tracks which I was mesmerised by during my stay on campus 3 with the 21 day process. Thanks. I hope to meet you sometime. Love,Pathen, Byron Bay, Australia

Hi Sudha. A friend gave me your Moola Pray Om Bhagavan CD. It would have to be one of the most exquiste pieces of music and voice I have ever heard. Simply wonderful,Michael, New Zealand

…. I still remember you as one of the most Beautiful, Divine channeling voices I have ever heard! But now your Moola Prayer even surpasses that… Total Peace, Serenity, Beauty, Surrender and Divine Grace… Diamond Light and Blessings of Life!Aleah, Sweden

Sweet Sudha, Stefan brought the Moola Prayer cd home and such beauty it transmits! You channel Grace so effortlessly through your voice. And you and Maneesh togheter, it´s pure magic. In all Love,Katarina di Leva, Stockholm, Sweden

Dear Sudha, Many thanks for sending the CD, which I received on Friday last. I am very happy with your sound and voice, it is like receiving deeksha. Love and peace,Friederike, Germany

We received your 2 CDs, thank you very much, and have been listening to them constantly for the last 10 days and absolutely love them. Hope that you are well, thanks once again,Paul Gruber, Edinburgh – UK