in-her-name  In Her Name

Presenting her long-awaited third album for Malimba Records, Sudha continues to radiate light and love with a collection of seven extended length Buddhist and Hindu chants that express devotion to the Divine Feminine. Gentle, feather-light vocals are Sudha’s calling card, and this album will uplift you with her ethereal chanting that floats through each of these serene chants. The musical arrangements bear a subtlety that allows Sudha’s vocals to be a central presence.

She is adorned with shimmering santoor harmonies, flute, violin, sax and an underlying layer of sitar drones. Tabla beats scamper throughout, giving the music a mellow rhythm that keeps the pace breezy and enjoyable. It’s hard not to like the sweet music on display here, showing a quiet sense of spirituality and a sense of reverence for the feminine aspects of God, including Kuan Yin and Saraswati. – Dan Cowan, MD In Review
Track list: 1) Kuan Yin 2) Om Parama 3) Gopala (Devaki) 4) Shante Prashante 5) Saraswati 6) Om Tara 7) Oshun
released 2014 by Malimba Records LISTEN HERE

Sharanam Album   Sharanam

The enchanting voice of Sudha and the meditative compositions of Maneesh de Moor bring to us serenity with this release of Sanskrit devotional Chants. Sharanam means to ‘take refuge in’ or to ‘surrender to’ – to bow at the feet of that which is our Creator, our Guide and our True Essence.
This music is an offering to that Divine Presence which is everywhere, in and around us. It lends support to any form of Healing Arts, Deeksha, meditative Yoga as well as a deeply relaxing inner journey.
LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this CD. The most beautiful rendition of the Twameva I have ever heard. This is one of my new favorite discs to play for the entire class. – Shanti Yoga Center
track list: 1)Moola Prayer 2)Moola Meditation 3)Interlude 4)Om Bhagavan 5)Tvameva total time 53:14 LISTEN HERE
released 2007 by Malimba Records

Planet Love   Planet Love

In this astonishing debut release, Sudha’s angelic voice will gently take you on a journey from Hawaii, to Native America, to the Far East. These soulful chants are set to exotic instrumental arrangements by master of ambient moods, Maneesh de Moor. Instruments include piano, bass, ethnic percussion, didjeridu and flute.
2005 COVR Music Award: Best CD of the Year WINNER
2005 COVR Music Award: BEST Vocal Album WINNER
Don’t miss this album of sacred chants! Sudha’s voice – the innocent sound of pure love – and Maneesh’s beautiful arrangements will soothe your soul and caress your spirit. – Deva Premal
track list: 1) Wendeyaho 2) La ‘Ieikawai 3) Ishq Allah 4) Undea Hibi 5) Lelewai 6) Oweyahe 7) E Ala E 8) Island 9) E Hia ‘Ai 10) Ya Azeem total time 54:08 LISTEN HERE
Released 2004 by Malimba Records

Guest appearances

Praful Mirror Of The HeartInto Being

Another beautiful album from Praful. Mantras and musical arrangements intricately woven into a tapestry of healing sounds to inspire and nourish. Sudha is featuring on the opening track Rise to the Highest
released 2014



Praful Mirror Of The Heart Mirror of the Heart

This album by Praful is inspired by the passion, depth and devotion of the sufi, Middle-Eastern and Indian music. The mostly acoustic sound is spiced up with occasional Western (electronic) ingredients. Sudha is appearing on the opening track Mirror of the Heart.
released 2013


songs-for-the-golden-ageSongs for the Golden Age

By Ravi – songs of love and consciousness in a classic songwriting style with influences from pop, folk and jazz performed with guitar, piano, string quartet, bansuri and kora (African harp). Sudha is featured on the tracks Deep into the Night, Heart is the Part, Divine Moments, Waves of Love, Journey and We Are.
released 2013


songs-of-taraSongs of Tara

The track Om Tare from Maneesh de Moor and Sudha has now been released on this compilation CD from Sounds True where Tibetan spiritual leaders and devotional artists come together in celebration of this beloved “Mother of all Buddhas”.
released 2011


A beautiful collection of songs and insights coming from the heart by beloved Darpan, mullti instrumentalist and neo-shaman. Sudha appearing on the tracks Awakening, LoveLight, A Miracle of Love, Love Energy, Together and Alone, Peace Reprise and Om Tare/We Are One.
released 2011

ABG2274 wallet aep001.artMagnificence

A collection of songs by Peter Makena speaking directly to the heart. Beautiful chanting and layered vocals. Sweet melodies and masterful arrangements. Appearing on tracks: So much Magnificence, Fly High, Holy Ground, Hare Om, Draw Near and Kayla
released 2010


oneness-groovesThe Oneness Grooves

Featured on the track Om Namah Shivaya of this album by Enzo Bueno from Oneness Masters. Enzo Bueno is also one of the creators of Playing for Change which is a great project promoting peace through music. Click HERE to watch the video and listen to the track.
released 2009


nickbarberClear Blue Sky

An album of lovely songs from the heart and for the heart by Nick Barber – appearing on the tracks: Flower of Light, Vedra and Same Sun
released 2009



omdeekshaOm Deeksha

An album of sacred chants and soothing instrumental music CD compiled by Maneesh de Moor with tracks Moola Prayer and Om Bhagavan from Sharanam.
released 2007


Praful-remixedRemixed +2

11 outstanding remixes from all around the world plus 2 brand new songs by Praful. Featured on the re-mix of Eternity
released 2006



MrSleep-coverMr Sleep and the Flying Green Toad

Beautiful album of songs for children of all ages check them out Mr Sleep and the Flying Green Toad. Featured on the tracks Sometimes and We are Family + additional vocals on Go Figure
released 2005


Pyramid-in-your-BackyardPyramid In Your Backyard

Jazz meets electronica with many world-music elements by the genious sax and flute player Praful. Sudha featured on the track Eternity
released 2005



Main vocalist on this sacred journey through sound and vision – very global, very ambient, meditative yet pulsating with gentle rhythm by sound alchemist Maneesh de Moor

released 2005


call-of-the-MysticCall Of The Mystic

Sufi poetry spiced up by loungy arrangements by Maneesh de Moor and Bahramji – featured on the track La Illaha

released 2004



shivamoonShiva Moon

Indian Melodies set to soulful and rhythmical textures by Prem Joshua and Maneesh de Moor. Additional vocals on the tracks Tangerine Thumri and Bolo Hari

released 2003


lovers_loungeLovers Lounge

This bootleg album by Maneesh de Moor has been many people’s favorite for years and can be described as “chill out for lovers and others”. Voice over on the track Endless Love and vocals on Namaste

released 2001